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Real scousers & real football supporters. Know what its like to sit in their home ground as it isnt taken up by Norwegians etc jumpin on the bandwagon.

the best supporters in the world.
I'm an evertonian, fuck off all the redshite
by ~*~ J ~*~ March 25, 2006
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1 supporter of the greatest football team ever - hencename

2 supporter of EVERTON Football Club

2 protector of good people from red scum (see entry for kopites)

"to be born an evertonian is to win first prize in the lottery of life"
by Professor Ivor Wordsmith March 24, 2006
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Supporter of the finest team in the land
He's lucky, he was born into it, he is an Evertonian.
by Fads September 15, 2003
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Disillusioned fans from the Blue side of Liverpool having a chip on both shoulders.
Fact: Evertonians get more pleasure from Liverpool losing a game than they do from their own team winning.
How sad is that? :o)
by Red4ever November 16, 2009
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Supporters of Everton Football Club.
Everton is based in the city of Liverpool and is full of local fans from the area. Bitter rivals of Liverpool FC who have a 1% share of the fans in the city, the others come from Norway

Evertonians support Everton not because the choose to, but because they are the chosen one`s
by i-hate-red March 25, 2006
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a sad bitter bunch of asbo's who have an irrational hatred of anything red. they can often be seen wearing the colour blue, normally after a derby win (which is'nt very often) or after a ropey win against lower division opposition in the f.a cup. they have been known to adopt convicted criminals as there icons and have also been known to employ scottish homosexuals to score goals for them
as evertonian's it means nothing to us that Duncan Ferguson was an over paid, carthorse thug that was crap. because he had an everton tattoo.
by Colin O'sullivan September 12, 2006
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Usually the kind of person you cross over the road to avoid.

Have a hate for the glorious Liverpool FC. This hate I believe is fuelled by that fact that they have very, very little success compared to other clubs.

Notice how Evertonians rarely praise they're own club, moreover insult other clubs, mainly the Reds.

Why are Everton so shite? Nobody truly knows, but what everyone does know is that "Duncan ferguson is PROPA SOLID LA!"

'Nuff said.
Look at that evertonian smoking crack and stealing cars!

Evertonian 1: liverpool are shite, la!
Evertonain 2: innit, la, liverpool are shite!

Evertonian 3: Stevie G is shite, la!
Evertonian 4: Duncan ferguson is so 'ard lar, he would knock him out lar!!
by Anonymous Scouser April 26, 2007
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