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being evan, this is correct (above)
but it is not complete.
the correct definition is:
evanism - 1. a word used to describe a complicated idea with a simple set of logical steps. 2. also a complicated solution to a complicated problem, thus solving or fixing the problem while not actaully making it any easier to function. 3. lastly a complicated idea that solves an impossible problem (i.e. making a network of wormholes by collapsing a whole load of stars)with an incredibly overcomplicated well thought out order of complicated funcutions.
1. the duct tape net to a. go in the balloon collection net, b. to open and block the air, c. to pull out balloons.
2. this definition, evanism is a complicated idea and this is a complicated definition to describe the gravity of what is evan.
3. a wormhole network by collapsing stars and using their gravitational feilds to bend space-time in an attempt to make a dense enough enviroment for timetravel to happen in which case you travel back in time to an other location at the rate you are traveling forward thus time for you and all observers is slow even though you have traveled many light years. thus it really taking only seconds to get to the other side to the universe
by evan kassof July 20, 2004
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