Angelic Haircut, bangs out stevie wonder when references are made to Biggie Smalls. Voice unbroken. Catchphrase
''suck on my cock for 20 years'' Frigid but over a nice little rascal.
Hi evan arent you that scoundral who gets hickeys from shlaags?
by pdawgmsn October 23, 2011
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A guy who loves you for you hes sweet kind thinks about you all the time text you all the time never wants to leave you protective over you cause he knows you one ina million and that he cant find anyone like you hes a sports guy which makes him extra cuter and hes just an amazing guy and your an amazing girl to be able to have him
by Makayla😘😘 March 18, 2015
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A white guy that tries to act ghetto, and he's rich. Everyone thinks he's annoying but tries to be freinds with him becuase he brings snacks to school.
"Im sick of evan's crap!"
"If you touch him, he will make his father sue."
by Collage Proffesor January 30, 2017
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Evans Are Out Of Sight , Really Hot , & More To Theirselves Then Anything , They"re Always There But Mostly In The Back round , Evans Are Those Type Of People You Just Love To Love

- Signed Shania Lachez
Person 1 " Hey Have You Met The New Girl"
Person2 " Yes I Have & One Word Such An Evan "
by Shania Lachez O. May 23, 2010
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You think that this hard ass motherfucker can be defined?! Evan has the biggest dick and balls of iron, when he goes shirtless every girl near him orgasm and not only that they queef super hard. Evan is the King of all Badasses. When virgins look him straight in the eyes they are instantly fucked and it’s so fast and hard their no no square are circular. Evan will fuck your shit up with the wrong look sometimes causing death
Holy shit that’s Evan!
by King Of Badasses February 10, 2018
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usually into rock music, sometimes mistaken for gay. all evans have the same hair wavy and brown. sometimes reddish
Evan and Michelle hooked up, but people still call him gay.

Did you hear evan rocking out to Zeppelin?
by Jimbo12334 August 30, 2008
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