is a popular word in the Cebuano language that means sexual intercourse.
by LuxPoint February 26, 2018
EUT is a misheard word came from "IYOT" which means sex in a Filipino Language Dialect..
It is now used widely by Filipinos on social media like
JOHN : Sino na ka EUT na dito
PAUL : Nanay mo EUT


by PENGUIN 미나 August 8, 2018
is a popular word in the Cebuano language “iyot” that means sexual intercourse
Tangina nagaaral pala mga taga sumulong akala ko puro eut langg
by Ha??? January 14, 2019
An abbreviation which stands for Extremely Useless Tit. It it used in a sentence by pronouncing the letters. Applied in the context of frustration or anger in dealing with a person that is unmotivated.
Matt, stop being an EUT and come outside for a smoke.
by Zouling April 10, 2008
eute is the combination of the two words, evil and cute. It can be used to describe anyone who is rather cute-looking, but evil, inside.
Me:hiya people.
Me: what??
he: i think she means your brother...
Me: yea, what about my brother?
she: he's fine, well not really, but really cute.
Me: You mean EUTE.
he: Yea, he's eute, whatever that means.
Me: nevermind...
by Dea R. March 8, 2009