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The classification of a person's multi-faceted identity, comprising his/her ethnicity, cultural background, and nationality.
Pardon me, your accent and your appearance don't seem to match--what is your ethnocultnacity?

The combinations are endless ...
*Chinese-Filipino-American: parents and grandparents are ethnically Chinese; but lived in the Philippines their whole lives and raised you on Filipino food, language, and culture; but you were born and grew up in the United States
*Indian-Kenyan-British: family is ethnically Indian; but lived in Kenya for generations; and you were born in England
*Latino-Brazilian-Brazilian (some choose to identify further, as white Latino-Brazilian-Brazilian or black Latino-Brazilian-Brazilian )
*Latino-Cuban-Cuban (most wouldn't specify Caribbean or African ancestry because they're thoroughly mixed in Cuban culture)
*Mexican-Texan-American (let's be honest, there's a whole other culture down there)
*European-Midwest-American (after so many generations, it's just so hard to trace!)
*White-Hawaiian-American (too far removed from ol' Scotland to even mention "European")
*KoreanEuropean-Quebecer-Canadian (for the halfsies)
by DCDoesSeattle January 23, 2014
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