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a hot boy, dark hair, beautiful hazel eyes that you get lost in. when he looks up, is staring into your soul. he is a very sweet, charming, and sensitive boy. he also has a dark side too. he is tough and won't let anyone he loves get hurt. he gets jealous easy. Athletic, strong, and very hot. with those abs and that face, he is sure to be a "mr. steal your girl." once you meet ethan or see him on the internet, you will fall in love.
abby: "hey, you see that boy over there? the one with the dark hair, and dark eyes. The abs"
Kaycee: "oh yeah. that's ethan dolan. he's beautiul. im in love."
by superkaycee13 December 21, 2016
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Dark, luscious hair, beautiful eyes, pretty smile, jawline has more structure than your life
Tall AF, fine AF, DADDY AF

Has an obsession with small things, loves to adventure and be in nature
Humor is 10/10, definitely the better twi-
Ethan Dolans are intimidating the one moment and cute lil beans the next (will definitely leave you shook).
Protect them at all costs because they're always there for you.

Was once a famous viner but now a famous youtuber

Loves to make the Dolan stans swerve lanes
Girl 1:"Omg who is that MANS over there?"
Girl 2:"Oh him? That's Ethan Dolan"
by Fangirl15678 November 06, 2016
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The sexiest male on the planet
Girl #1: damn look at that guy. With his big biceps, 6 pac and fine ass booty

Girl #2: that's Ethan Dolan. AKA my future husband
by I hate pineapples February 28, 2016
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the most incredible, perfect person to have ever walked this earth. can make all your sadness go away by simply smiling or laughing.

has a sexy face and bod that will leave you SHOOK, is literally the most grateful person ever and never stops telling everyone how grateful he is for them and how much he loves them.

get yourself an ethan dolan and protect him bc he's a sweet lil bean
person 1: he's cute. i'd smash

person 2: oh yes, that is a rare ethan dolan in it's natural habitat, it's totes hot and will take photos if you ask kindly.

fandom's secret spy sitting on bench behind newspaper with fake 'stache: choke me ;)
by taylahdxlan April 17, 2017
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gorgeous viner-turned-youtuber that can make any person dump their s/o wth just one glance. has gorgeous hazel eyes that could melt even the coldest heart, lips that are softer than clouds, hair that falls perfectly over his face. his entire body is sculpted by the hands of a master, with killer abs, strong arms, and a jawline so sharp it could cut diamonds. he's not only good-looking, though; he's caring, positive, creative, and absolutely hilarious. he would do anything for the people he cares about, especially his twin brother, grayson dolan. he has a passion for whatever he does, whether it be simple things like exploring the wilderness, or putting his all into creating content for his fans. if you get yourself an ethan dolan, consider yourself the luckiest person on the entire planet. (also has a secret yet not-so-secret daddy kink.)
example 1:
ethan dolan is the sun to my moon.

example 2:
person 1: who's that guy over there?
person 2: that's ethan dolan, the most perfect guy to ever exist.
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by carey elizabeth July 04, 2017
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Ethan Dolan is a dark hair fine daddy. Used to be a viner but now is a famous YouTuber. Won Two Teen choice award. Has a nice ass but not as nice as his twin brother Grayson Dolan. Ethan is a cute little baby but one minute he can be daddy
"Who's man is that?"
"Oh that's Ethan Dolan! Isn't he fine?"
by Nudiedolan December 13, 2016
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A charming boy with stylish hair who had that iconic blue streak which turned to blonde, making his hair even cuter than before. Jawline sharper than kitchen knives. He has a nice booty
*Looks at Instagram pictures, drools on iPhone, whispers self*
"Issa dad. Yup das Ethan! Pure art!"

Girl: "Who's that fine guy?"

Me: "Ethan dolan"
by IssaFanOfDolans July 28, 2017
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