A very intellectually gifted person. Odd but sweet. Never gives up and perseviers.
Wow, he got valedictorian?!?! He must be an esy.
by BMB Trumpet Geek September 7, 2017
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A melancholic that tries to be unmelancholic. A person that knows shed great but still wonders if all is going to be well. A Ghanaian name for a female born on Sunday. Makes for a good wife too.
That's so esi of you .I'm glad I married you wifematerial
by Breesmaisie February 23, 2017
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A beautiful,bootylicious,funny girl,with nice eyes who lights up the room with her presence
a perfect example would be absolutely any princess called Esi. i.e Princess Esi THE 4th
by anymus admirer November 30, 2006
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Esi is a girl born on Sunday. She's kind and mature while also being silly and naive. She's a very creative person and a good friend : she's someone you need in your life
Willow:"Esi can you help me with math"
Esi: "I suck at math but I'll try my best too help,then we can talk about Mob Psycho 100s OVA ( ╹▽╹ )"
by MinheZSCREAMMMMMMMMMS April 5, 2021
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a real g who will neva cap on yo name 💯🅿️ if you meet an ESI you finna dap that man up so many times that you will become an ESI 😭
Yoooo ESI what’s poppin homes?

Not much my brudda dap me up 🤝
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Teacher's worst nightmare. A website that they are supposed to use to keep track of their students grades. Doesn't give teachers any control when it's night for progress reports.
teacher: esis sucks

student: yeah just don't keep track and give us A's
by Shindigger January 26, 2009
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A girl who can get anyone into trouble because of her bf and her body.
oh dear, Esi your boyfriend wants to kill me
by looptyo October 1, 2019
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