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A melancholic that tries to be unmelancholic. A person that knows shed great but still wonders if all is going to be well. A Ghanaian name for a female born on Sunday. Makes for a good wife too.
That's so esi of you .I'm glad I married you wifematerial
by Breesmaisie February 23, 2017
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A beautiful,bootylicious,funny girl,with nice eyes who lights up the room with her presence
a perfect example would be absolutely any princess called Esi. i.e Princess Esi THE 4th
by anymus admirer November 30, 2006
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Teacher's worst nightmare. A website that they are supposed to use to keep track of their students grades. Doesn't give teachers any control when it's night for progress reports.
teacher: esis sucks

student: yeah just don't keep track and give us A's
by Shindigger January 25, 2009
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
everyday something impeachable
ESI, if it's not inviting spies into the Oval Office to plant recording devices, it's announcing that you'll fire anyone who investigates your criminal activity.
by twoteller May 16, 2017
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