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esmi was a result of a drunken conversation on IGN.

Like many other nerd/1337 words, it came from a spelling error.

"esmi" is a mispelled "semi".

Often used instead of "owned", "pwned", "own3d", etc. which often is a variation of dominated, defeated, crushed, or proven wrong.
1) leik LOLOLOL, that bitch got esmi'd
2) WTF, my computer wont start up!
by stitch October 16, 2004
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Truly an amazing beautiful girl who will melt your heart with her kindness. The best friend to have because she will do anything to help you if your her homie. A bit oblivious to romance but ehh, what can you do she is who she is yknow!
Small: is that Esmi?

Pushy: oh you mean cutie-chan?
by Pushy-San March 21, 2019
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