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A sexual dysfunction commonly found in reptiles. Dinosaur impotence.

A known cure has not been found.
That brontosaurus has ereptile dysfunction, he totally isn't scoring
by eleanor eleanor eleanor September 27, 2007
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A person (mostly a man) who has an irrational fear of any reptile.
Man1: Dude check out that turtle. Man2: Oh Hell No!!! Keep that away!!! I have extreme ereptile dysfunction!
by Glennzigx November 29, 2016
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1) An elektronic reptile doesn't function the way it's supposed to do.

2) An online reptile creature that has a bug and therefor doesn't have the interactions and function its supposed to have.

3) A reptile that can't get hard when trying to have coidus
A lizard that can't get its tail up.

Eva: I'm trying to make this work but it seems that your lizard is having an ereptile dysfunction.
by close2human December 20, 2014
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