an interesting term, now little used, that can refer to angrogyny, gender neutrality, bisexual attraction, or cross-gender identification.
jamie picked up the word 'epicene' one day, and it just seemed to fit.
by dagger_grrl February 28, 2004
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1) Adj. Epicene can be used as a description to clarify that one does not have a sexual preference because someone who is epicene does not choose their mates based on their sex. An epicene is completely un-gender-biased. An epicene is not a bisexual (someone who is attracted to both sexes), instead they do not take gender into account at ALL, as they feel it is more important to have the correct personality match, rather than the correct plumbing.

2) An epicene is simultaniously used to describe someone whom you are unable to tell the gender of. Such as Pat from Saturday Night Live.
1) 'hey, what is your sexual preference? are you more interested in men, women, or both?'
'I am an epicene. I am not looking for a man OR a woman. I am looking for my soulmate, and ze could be in either package.'

2) 'whoa, ze is hot! Can you go find out what zer name is so I know which way to approach zer?
by ismirth June 08, 2007
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A situation where you lose your girlfriend to the new guy but it turns out the new guy is into you instead.
Dude jamie just experienced the Epicene Effect. John is totally gay for him lol.
by Princemorgan December 03, 2019
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