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There are two different worlds in Endless-Online. You have, the in-game community that consists of idiots, morons, people, more people, and more idiots. Then, you have the Endless-Online forum community; which is TOTALLY the opposite of the in-game community.(Not really, but you get the picture.)

The game is created by Vult-r using the C+ engine and is currently sponsored by Layered Tech. The game has several admins but the majority of them are not helpful and can really give players a hard time.(Except for Arvid. He's the best.) Many of the admin's handle in-game issues in an unjust manner so don't be surprised when you get jailed or banned without a warning. The admins will not bother launching an investigation. The most effective way of getting out of the jail system, is by talking to an admin over an instant chat messenger and persuading them to let you free.

The endless-online forum community is full of forum trolls. It is definitely not for the weak hearted. You can expect insults and vulgar language to be in every topic you read.

I really don't have much more to say about this game; other than I dislike it a lot. I still check on the forums every now and then because I get a laugh from it.

But don't take my word for it, check the game out for yourself.

1)Try to avoid internet speak when approaching the forum community of endless online.

Newb Forum User: hey ppl do u noe where i kan bye noo armer?

Forum User: No. Get the fuck out you illiterate noob.

2)Avoid spamming the forums.
3)Avoid making alts on the forums.
by Terrysan August 12, 2006
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Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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Endless Online is full of noobs, idiots, fucktards, scammers, teh 1337 sp34k3rz, and lazy admins. The forums are the only haven for the leet players. But even now, they are slower being devoured by the stupidity that has consumed the game we seasoned players used to love.
Endless Online in the past:

Person #1: help a scammer has scammed me of my precious sword.
Person #2: That's too bad. From now on, be careful of who you trade with. If they have a bad reputation of scamming, don't trade with them.
Person #1: ty

Endless Online now:

Noob #2: rofflez d00d i hav teh xbow. i r teh oldbie.
Noob #3: how to play
Noob #2: alt+f4 rofl
by Zaxe August 20, 2006
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If every game was a city, World of Warcraft would be Los Angelos. Mabinogi would be Tokyo. Runescape would be New York. And Endless Online would be Detroit.

Get the picture?

If you plan on playing EO, use it as a giant chatroom, and nothing more. It just isn't worth your time other than that.

And I disagree with the other definitions when they say the forum community is better. I strongly disagree.
I would rather drive a fork through my hand than talk to people from the Endless Online forum community.
by Shamanized August 16, 2008
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Ever seen a game where cheater, hackers, spammers are rewarded? Decent players who work hard for their levels get hacked/key logged? A game where every second guy is either a beggar or raciest? And admins which reward hackers and released the jailed player in hours?
Welcome to endless online.
The password recovery won't ever work and if you lost your account, then forget about it. Don't even bother to make a post in support section, you'll probably get flamed. Save time and delete your character now rather then crying and making random posts at forums later.
The yeah i only positive thing about this game was forums. These guys rocks so much, they can even prove you have serious mental problems even your GD says your normal.

~Smashlol, Quited EO on 12th feb 2008.
Endless online player: I r l33t h4x0r.
Vult-R: *Gives devil*
by Smashlol February 14, 2008
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I have very mixed feeling for it. June-August 2005 it was basically all i did. In the 70-85 days that I played the game, I racked up about 420 hours of gameplay and became #31 out of hundreds of thousands of players. I loved it. I love to excel at something, and be better than everyone else. However, then came school. After the first day of the '05-'06 school year, I never played the game again. The following days and weeks, I was extremely depressed. I didn't have time to play the game much, but the worst part was that the homework and everything on my mind just would not have allowed me to perform as well as I had been performing.

If you want to play a fun, simple(for now) MMORPG just for fun and not actually to be a great at, this is a wonderful game. However, I WARN YOU, lest you have no plans of ever doing anything again in your life that will require time or work(i.e., school, an occupation, etc.), please, for your own sake, DO NOT play this game and try to be an elite player.

p.s. my name on Endless Online was riverscuomo; if u knew me, hi.
Endless Online is a fun way to destroy your life.
by RiversCuomoRulz March 18, 2006
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Endless Online is a show off fest that'll consume a poor innocent soul by sucking it's life throught a monitor.
Ingame situiation.
Global people: COngratz lol

Forum situation:
Level 13 guy: I GTZ 2 LVL 1337 LAS NAIT. IT WUZ EZ, I CLIK CTRL EVRY DAI. ^_^
by Kennulaol August 24, 2006
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