The french word meaning -to buttfuck-
It is commonly used to form vulgar insults in french. However it is not bound to being used in insults and can be used legitimately for what it means as well.
1. J'ai voulu enculer cette fille sexy hier.

-Which means: I wanted to buttfuck that sexy girl yesterday.
2. Va te faire enculer.

-Which means: Fuck you.
by Iprofootball71 May 21, 2016
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(Canadian French expression)

Literally « to have anal sex with flies » - Used to the express exasperation towards someone who concentrate over small and irrelevant details. ( Similar to Danish expression flyfucking )
- Attends! J’hésite en bleu lavande et bleu royal pour la couleur des serviettes de la salle d’eau.
- Arrête d’enculer des mouches, on est ici pour négocier l’achat de la maison.
by CastorCYHU October 10, 2020
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"vas te faire encule"
what does that mean?

it means fuck you, but I just didn't want to offend you
by monkeymonkey2000 April 5, 2015
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