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"etc." / "and stuff" / "and others" / "and so on" / ... enal
But basically it can be used as a stop word in almost any kind of sentence, just like "you know" enal

pronounced: (letter-)n+all
-So you're coming to the party tonight? °No man, I've got to work enal.
-Damn, that girl's on point enal!
-Yo E., where are you going? °I'm going to the forest, to chop wood, enal.
-Are you ready to make pancakes? Yes, I just eggs enal.
by bastardogigantico December 04, 2009
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Anal sex performed over the internet; a version of cyber sex focusing primarily on the human rectum.
"So you know what I want to do tonight?" "Enal?"
"I went online to check my email, and found a response to my mass message asking if anyone wanted to do some enal."
by e-Masster September 13, 2011
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