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The feeling you wake up with in the morning after an emotional breakdown from the night before. This feeling is sometimes a result from an argument, a deep sadness, an unfortunate loss, a break-up, drama, strong feelings of regret, conflicting emotions, etc.

Typically the night before, you have trouble sleeping - you may even be physically tired yet remain mentally awake - which might involve tossing and turning all night long, a constant vigilance of the clock, and attempts to read or watch TV to try and sleep quicker.

Instead of sleeping away your sadness and waking up refreshed, the feelings come back to make you feel bad, maybe even worse. Now that you've had time to dwell on the situation and ponder your own feelings, repeating those feelings again the next day makes it sting a bit more.

Sometimes an emotional hangover is followed by ambivalence(conflicting emotions), stress, more drama, and/or just a really bad mood.

This is bad especially if you aren't a morning person. Usually this feeling comes to you when you least expect it: when someone mentions the situation to you, when you go online to check your mail, listen to some music, on your way to work/school, etc.
Guy: Hey, you don't look so good...rough night?

Girl: Yeah, I got into a fight with my ex last night and now I'm having an emotional hangover.

Guy: OH, I hope you feel better. Ya know, I'm still available ;)
by Hector Jr November 03, 2007
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n. when you still have emotions (usually negative) from an event beyond the time it occurred
Hey, why the long face?

I have an emotional hangover from an argument I had with my roommate last night.
by deltajuliet January 11, 2007
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An Emotional Hangover or EH is the aftermath of a night of debauchery where the social ramifications are worse than the actual physical hangover. It could be blowing the months rent on rounds of shots, spilling your heart out to a longtime friend. Basically anything that is going to remain with you for a while and make you feel like an ass.

It can also be used separate from a drinking binge if you've done something equally as regretful during an average social outing.

Sunday's are generally the most popular day for an EH
He was screening his phone calls and did not get out of bed for days due to the Emotional Hangover he was experiencing.

"Oh God, last night I had total word vomit was not worth today's E.H. (Emotional Hangover)"
by pacows July 17, 2009
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The feeling after a heavy night of crying, shouting, arguments, etc.
Symptoms include bleary eyes, neck aches from lack of sleep, headaches or a foggy feeling, slow movements, lots of big, slow, blinks, and feeling fat from eatin too much comfort food.
Best rememdy - Soft drink, bad tv and a shower.
Girl - "I had a massive fight with my boyfriend last night. I just feel so.. blah."

Friend - "Babes, emotional hangover big time. Come on, let's get you into the shower"

Girl - "That's what he said!" *crys*
by parkerDisaster December 06, 2008
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What Maz gets after a night out.
''Oh my god I actually want to die'' - Maz when suffering from an emotional hangover.
by Butters138 April 25, 2010
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When you wake up the next morning after having a lot to drink and instead of the normal tired nauseous feeling it’s an extreme feeling of sadness where you feel so down you are unable to do anything but lay in bed crying without having any idea why.

It’s most common for those who already suffers from a mental illness like depression when your just getting out of it and the emotional hangover makes you feel like you right back in the deepest part of the depression for up to 3 days.
β€œAh fuck dude this emotional hangover has me feeling like complete shit”
by YahNahBro August 11, 2018
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