Emotions is the word for dumbasses who can't spell emoticons.
Link: You emotion stealer
Mike: You dumbass
by Mike February 12, 2005
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"The emotions going inside me when he tells me he loves me is incredible." Juliet says, her smile widening with every second that goes by.
by Mertalia May 28, 2016
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The ruin of humanity

Imagine a world with no emotion. no sympathy, we would do what is best for our survival, we wouldn't make decisions on what it makes us feel.
"Yay, my emotions tell me to go out with this person..."

some hours later: "MY EMOTIONS ARE IDIOTS"
by Cynical dragons December 01, 2017
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When you show emotion it should be rare so that they know you really care about them when you do.
Someone you don't like: Hey wanna hang out?
You: no. (with no emotion)
Someone you don't like: Why no emotion

Best friend: Hey wanna hang out?
You: YESSSSSSS! (with emotion)
Best friend: I'm so glad you care about me!
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by BOBBYJOE11 September 29, 2018
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Emotions is a set feelings that any living thing can experience.Emotions we'll feel every day for our lives, Sadness, Happiness, Fear, Anger, Depression, an many more emotions you'll feel in your life, an emotion is what you currently feel in a situation, If someone died, you'll probably be sad, If someone pesters you a lot, you'll feel angry, Some one gave you a gift, Happiness, If something your afraid of and have a phobia, fear, an so on, Emotions pass and go, or stay for a while, but then leave, it can last short, or last long but we all feel emotions every day.
"Hey did you see Pastarru's emotions today? He seems very happy!"
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by Kiri the Neko June 14, 2019
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