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emon is a great guy to know and hang with they always make you laugh when your sad. hes goodlooking and sexy and if hes with you loves you and is with you he would always stay by your side and love you no matter wat hes caring, loving and nice. has a great sense of style hes a pretty boy and he always looks good hes hot , sexy , cute is unique has a good personality he is just freaking awesome. he doesnt take shit from no one and he will always fight for the one he love hes loyal and great. emon is a beast !!!!!!
by babygirl3132 August 11, 2011
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Emon--from French--L'emon--from emon

emony drink=kind of lemony drink concotion with the pleasantly delicate taste--fruity, not sour but not sweet either.
emony drink--drink having emony taste.

anemony drink--a light drink having a kind of sweet and flowery taste--the name relates to the wind flower--Anemone,
by wize woman June 27, 2007
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Has some of the coolest friends like his crush named Reagan. He is sometimes very annoying but all he is trying to do is see if his friends admires him. He cries a lot and can get emotional very easily, and sometimes when his friends aren't really friends they bully him a lot, they don't cherish of how such a good boy he is.
Reagan: Hey guys Emon just told me he loves me Idk what to do
Emon: I hope she likes me back
by Wat Up Doge May 29, 2017
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1. The world's most annoying thing on earth.
2. Someone who can't get over his girlfriend.
3. A guy who can't shut up and stop crying about his girlfriend after breaking up for a year.
You're still crying? Stop being Emon!
by Daminerz January 19, 2008
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a used car that soon enough turns out to be a money pit.
a second hand vehicle that does not live up to your expectations, or that of consumer regulations.
a car that turns out to be a pos, always breaking down and costing much more money that its actual worth.
a dodgy car, bought from a car yard or Craig's List or Gumtree that is unreliable and continually being repaired.
-a rip off, scam dealing
caveat emptor: buyer beware
Decaprio: "Get the Prius ready to drive me to the Oscars in 20 mins."
Houseboy: "Ahh, Leo that pos you bought from Craig's List is nothing but a lemon, I took it to the mechanic's again yesterday, so you'll have to take a taxi."
by jujickson January 24, 2014
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