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Could this ever exist? A Emo Hippie? This is a question my group of friends pondered when I brought it up one day. A happy kid who loves the world, but hates themselves. Dresses emo, but has a peace pendent hidden under his/her clothes. Could such a being exist? We'll soon find out...
That kid has emo pants, and a tight band shirt, but ... is that a daisy necklace? He must be an emo hippie, wait, do those exist?
by Ravvie October 15, 2006
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An Emo Hippie is something my friends and I came up with.

An Emo Hippie dresses mostly Emo. They wear dark clothes are tight pants. But they can also wear tie-dye shirts (dark grey and black tie-dye, that is).

Emo Hippies love the world, yet hate themselves. They're happy inside, yet angry outside. They want the world to be a happy place, yet their souls are dark and gloomy.
Contradicting, yes. But in some odd way, it's posible.
An Emo Hippie is an Emo and Hippie cross-breed.
by Bug22 November 25, 2006
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basically a flower child that appreciates black, and likes to cry themslves to sleep.

emo hippie: dresses in a black hoodie and bellbottoms, or skinny jeans and tyedie, loves the world, weed, and acid, but hates themselves, does infact put hendrix and dashboard in the same playlist, goes to concerts, gets trashed out of their minds, then cries

a mix of two totally different worlds... yet it seems to work...
stupid person: emo!!!

emo hippie: whatt duude? you need to chill

stupid person: go slit your wrists

emo hippie: the power of jimmi compells you... im gonna go cry now
by August 21, 2007
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well my friends say that im an emo hippie because i tried to help the world and i care about it but im broken in the inside i do hate myself because of things that happen to me when i was a little girl so as strange as it sounds there are emo hippies ..they might be broken in the inside but still care about something bigger than them.. plus i live in oregon you must be really messed up not to care about the enviroment ...
him- you are always so emo
him- but you took that advanced enviromeltal class?
him- what are you an emo or a hippie?
me- both! im and emo hippie!
by evelia March 03, 2007
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