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the definition on emiley is, very cute people, who are very sexy and are scared to talk to people unless they really really trust them
emiley a, they have nice bodies
by bumbles August 17, 2006
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Very cute and charming. Has a great sence of humor can cheer anybody up at anytime they are hella crazy and will talk to anybody they always give a big peice of there heart to there bestfriend and is hella loyal emileys are soft at heart but keeps a bad bitch attitude emileys seem to get guys easly but always seems to be single❤️ emileys hide there emotions in there smile scared if they showed there emotions theyll affect others joyfullnes
Person #1-whos she

Person #2-thats emiley shes hawt

Emiley- hiiiii guysssss
by Youngedaggerdick September 02, 2018
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Emiley is a sweet gorgeous girl, very pretty and kind most of the time does too much and is competitive , can be very shy at times likes to overreact, she’s a very creative girl likes to try new things and she usually forgets a lot most of the time sometimes get ahead of herself, everyday she looks like a beauty even on her worst days , everybody thinks she’s gorgeous cause it is true that she’s a beautiful girl
oh there’s emiley , she’s so pretty “
“ OMG Emiley so fricking pretty “
by urrrrrmum January 07, 2019
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