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a dangerous gang formed off the streets of prentice and progress
dont fuck wit me im in the emc
by chase barnett August 17, 2006
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Eat my clit.... for when you’re a girl and you really just wanna day SMD, but you don’t have a dick so you don’t have to come up with something better before a smartass interjects.
John: “You actually kinda suck some days.”
Kylie: “Well, you know what I don’t care so SMD.”
John: “you don’t have a dick.”

Kylie: “Well then EMC.”
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by EMC_Bitch December 18, 2017
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A Martial Arts Team That "Entertains The Masses." By Doing Choerygraphed fights and gynastics combined with martial arts. The 2 Most Popular Members of E.M.C are Xin Wuku And Jae Phan. E.M.C Stands For Evolved Monkey Combat.
by Marinkovich36 September 17, 2006
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