It's how an old man tries to seduce kids into having anal sex with him while sucking dog cock.
by WEEFITFAIL:3 December 20, 2010
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An extreme sjw. Often goes on angry rants about something they didn’t even bother to research first. Uses the zy/zym/zer pronouns, identifies as demisexual panromantic and gets angry when others don’t accommodate them. Is obsessed with Dan and Phil, Black Butler, and Rick and Morty. Is about 12 and named something ordinary like Kaitlin. Has a solidly Western European ethnic background and feels insecure about being the Wonder Bread Of demographics, so they often throw out the term white privilege in arguments. Gets all their political opinions from Buzzfeed. Has a combover an fake hipster glasses from Hot topic. Makes all that cringey digital art on Deviantart of people with purple hair covering their eyes with the eyes still visible and the lines to show blushing cheeks.
Do you see that feminazi in the Panic at the Disco tee over there.


Her name’s Ember or Milo or Kye or something she got from Tumblr. She told me that using the phrase β€œEskimo kiss” is cultural appropriation and is an act of violence against their culture.
by Matisse.trolldoll July 19, 2018
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A girl that tries to hard to impress people an fit in, generally are short. they love to talk crap but run away from a fight when its time to throwdown. she doesnt have the best home life an tries to sleep with other girls boyfriends or makeout with them. she revolves around drama an loves when she makes people get into fights. shes deathly afraid of getting into a fight an getting kicked out of school, shes also been heard to stuff her bra.
look at the ember over there she just got her ass handed to her.
by dontyouworry May 25, 2011
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Ember. Ember may seem sweet but deep down she is a backstabbing bitch. She always says she's suicidal and depressed but that doesn't stop her from being a whore and sending nudes to 50+ guys a day including her dad. Ember all up may seem nice and compliment you and say she's ugly (she really is) but she just wants attention and for people to compliment her. Ember is a pety bitch.
Guy1: Dude look a that ugly bitch with the huge tits
Guy2: She is deffo an Ember.
by Anonymous Nudes September 20, 2018
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The girl who you see in the back of the classroom.
Every day she sits on the bleachers rubbing her clit.
Every night she sits on her rainbow dildo.
She is every lesbians wet dream and every guys worst nightmare.
1 Lesbian: She is a total bookworm but super sexual I love her!
2 Lesbian: lettuce fuck.

1 guy: I asked the quiet girl out and found out about her huge dildo collection... total ember.
by Levitatinq July 20, 2018
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Meaning: to end, to taper, to round off, to near the end, to be close to finishing.

(Only appropriate for use between September and December. Originated from the ending of these months and often tagged "ember months" especially by Nigerians)
Sentence : 1. The year is embering off gradually.
2. She embered her studies.
by Drpeo September 09, 2020
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A fiery soul, passionate, and cunning. Sometimes hot-headed, and has temper-tantrums. Other than that they will be the friend of a lifetime! They won't let you down if you don't do the same!
Embers are hot
via giphy
by Potato4777 November 04, 2019
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