I totally beat his bulbasaur in one hit because I used my charizard that knows ember.
by embem June 16, 2008
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A 2.5 Oz. shot you drink after getting hammered to do away with your fucking hangover.
I went to www.drinkember.com to order some ember so I would stop getting hungover and could get fucking laid the morning after too.
by Richierichtard March 16, 2011
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Embers are some of the best people you’ll ever meet they are so pretty and nice then can always make you laugh and are so supportive and good at giving advice embers are pretty and don’t always know it they are if you meet an ember keep them because they will be your best friend
Yo my best friend ember gets me through everything
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Ember is kind, funny, beautiful, fierce, athletic, amazing person, they've got it all. They can melt your heart with just a smile, but has a look that can kill. They can sing like an angel, and dance like nobody's watching. They dance to the beat of there own drum, and don't care when people judge them. Even though they have a rough life, they're able to put it behind them to make the life's of their friends and family a better experience. Even though they don't get all the boys, everyone knows there matching feels for this gal over here.
What's better than a beautiful sunny summer day at the beach?
I know, an Ember!
by urbanmastress1234 November 23, 2020
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Ember's are typically very smart and they are great at giving advice. They don't liking picking between people so they don't usually have a "best friend" but they might have someone like that. It's a very rare name and so these people are often unique and stick out in some way. Ember's often have a good memory and so they know some things that others might not like the name of every country in a continent for example.
"Wow look at that girl over there, she's very intelligent"

"She must be called Ember then"
by Vicky_321 March 28, 2020
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A term referring to a sibling (or child) of Non-binary gender.
Dave:Have you met my ember Alex?
Alice:Are they the one with the purple hair?
by DaveBland September 30, 2020
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Little bitty round ball of fire expelled from a fire.
Little bitty balls of fire jumped out of the fire place and caught me on fire.

What the f"@k are you talking about?

Little bitty balls of fire.

Those are f"@king embers Sharon
by Anal Fetish February 19, 2019
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