German derivation on proper adverbial use in reference to women, sports, food, society, or overall global domination.
I can come over tonight, elsewise I could just stay home and make some sausages.
by Mylon Dieter February 8, 2008
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In another way.

(For some strange reason, this useful word is not recognised by many spellcheckers.)
If we cannot do it how you suggest, I am sure that we can do it elsewise.
by Andy in Hawick February 29, 2016
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A shorter and more sophisticated way of saying otherwise that should be in Webster's, but it's NOT.
Can I come over and stick it in your booty hole, elsewise I'll just stay home and bake a pie.
by pharnhyte December 12, 2014
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The combination of the words otherwise and elsewhere, meaning to simultaneously change physical location and topic, attitude, activity, or situation.
Hey Don, let's get elsewise lest da biddies get buggy. We'll bounce dis joint AND get high.
by The BitchDegarde June 27, 2010
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