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A beautiful person who is also a piece of shit. But like those are the best types of people. They do so much good things in their life time. Everyone loves them so much even if they don't know it. They like to be nice to all people's.
Wow Adolf is being such a ellexis
by NickIsAGoodTerribleGuy March 06, 2018
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The word (Ellexi) originates from deepest (Caribbean. )It symbolises love and gentleness.
The word Ellexi is a significant word as it is used is (Aphrodite's) (god of beauty and love) speech given to (Zeus) (god is gods)
Ellexi shone on me today, it was a enlightment of happiness”
“ I do wish Ellexi comes upon me I have had a miserable day”
by Arspishopofbanterbury February 12, 2018
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