This is a word that means to f*ck off. If you are wondering what each individual word means, here you go. Elisy doesn't mean anything, ose means Carbohydrate, polar means pole, and opp, means two things on opposite sides. It means to f*ck off because if you take the bottom half of the bottom line POLAR OPP and put it over the bottom half of the top line you get f*ck you. This is found on t-shirts
elisy ose
polar opp

put these in caps
by JoeSnyder January 5, 2005
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So complicated! I like the EIIGY POCR OFF version. It has dots to connect with a more accurate connection. It just looks better too. Found mine at
As an Ohio State fan, "EIIGY POCR OFF Michigan" is on my favorite t-shirt. Elisy ose polar opp is too long to add "Michigan" to it.
by Eiigy Pocr Off November 5, 2016
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