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Electro-emo is a fusion between Emo and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Pioneered by Panic at the Disco, the style can feature synthesisers, drum loops, guitars and vocals (sometimes screamed). A genre related to this is Crunkcore, which also includes hip-hop influences. This style uses repetitive hip hop beats, screamed vocals and house influenced synths.

These genres are basically for misguided emo kids who can't stand punk, metal or alternative, but still want their music taste to be known as "Emo" so they can go into Hot Topic without being ripped to shreds by screamo revivalists.
Emo: Hey, do you like Orchid?
Xx_Scenie_Weenie_xX: ORCHID?! Get that satanic shit away from me! I only like electro-emo...
Emo: cunt
by Chazza2121 December 22, 2015
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Bands whose sound have both influences of emo and electronic music. Panic at the Disco, The Glide et al. Inspired by Depeche Mode, Joy Division and the Bravery. Term coined by Chicago music writer Brent Kado.
Electro-emo is the latest sub-genre to spring from emo's ashes.
by avant/chi fan May 14, 2008
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