What happens when fans of the Jonas Brothers figure out that they can swear. It generally combines bad electronica with faux-teenage-angsty screaming, but may also include elements of bad hip hop and rap. It is to be consumed only in comical doses.
Person 1: "Man, I really like the Jonas Brother, but I wish they were more annoying."

Person 2: "Oh, then you should listen to Crunkcore."
by The Good Samaritan 9000 August 26, 2010
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Cunkcore is a musical genre that is regared by all but its small demographic as one of the worst genres ever conceived. It takes elements of techno, screamo, emo, rap and pop.
It has been roumered to of been invented by the band Brokencyde who hail from new mexico.

The main fan basis of Crunkcore are useally teenagers who fall under the steryo-type emo, goth and scene.
Brokencyde is one of the only crunkcore bands out there.
by Mud+ July 1, 2009
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A genre that has recently manifested, which includes elements of Crunk (I. E. 3 6 Mafia, Lil Jon), Post-Hardcore (I. E. Alesana, Alexisonfire), and Electronica (I. E. New Order). It is said to have been originated by the Albuquerque-based group Brokencyde, though Hollywood Undead, who are also often categorized as Crunkcore and use many of the same elements in their music, formed over a year before them. Groups such as the Millionaires are often called Crunkcore, though they lack the Post-Hardcore element. Other Crunkcore groups, such as Breathe Carolina and Blood On The Dance Floor, are much more rooted in Electronica
Crunkcore groups Include:
Blood On The Dance Floor
Breathe Carolina
Dot Dot Curve
Dropping A Popped Locket
Hollywood Undead
I Set My Friends On Fire (Debated)
J Bigga
Millionaires (Debated)
Outta Play
Scene Kidz
by Brokencydedycnekorb August 17, 2009
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Crunkcore is a music genre that takes crunk/rap/hiphop beats and mashes it with scene-style rapping and screaming.

Bands that can be defined solely as "crunkcore" include BrokenCYDE.

Bands that can loosely be defined as being "crunkcore" include Hollywood Undead and 3oh!3.

there is a common misconception that crunkcore includes artists like shitmat or vankmen but these are actually not in the same genre, and if you were to listen to the music you would be able to understand. Crunkcore is more of a "scene" genre.
examples of crunkcore:
hollywood undead
by immatrexrawr August 13, 2009
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(This will be a non bias definition on the genre of 'Crunkcore'.)

Crunkcore started in the early-mid 2000's. It mixes Screamo & Techno with Hip hop. The genre is usually involved with Scene kids, Goths, and Emo cliches. Some of the popular bands include 3oh!3, Brokencyde, and The Millionaires.

Althought it is not considered a mainstream genre, it's spread to high schools throughout the United States
Guy 1: Hey! Have you listened to Crunkcore before?
Guy 2: Like Lil' Jon?
Guy 1: No, like Brokencyde & 3oh!3
by OMGaPokemon January 30, 2010
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One of the best types of music in the world; said to have been invented by the screamo band BrokeNCYDE. It has the beats of rap but the lyrics of punk/metal.
Evan: Yo have you been to that new club?

Jeff: Yeah brah, they played the sickest crunkcore too!
by AWEEESOME May 7, 2009
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The result of fucktarded scene kids listening to way too much Sky Eats Airplane and consequently coming up with the brilliant idea of mixing that with horrible rap music. Generally consists of bad screams, piss poor "singing" dripping with autotune, generic beats, and more neon than Los Angeles on the 4th of July. The only thing worse than the bands themselves are their retarded scene kid fans. Examples of crunkcore bands include Brokencyde, Hollywood Undead, and Dot Dot Curve.
Intelligent Guy: What the fuck is this shit?
Dumb Scene Kid: itz brokencyde, teh c00lest crunkcore screemo shit eva!!!!1
Intelligent Guy: I don't think you know what screamo is.
Dumb Scene Kid: emo wit screamin, duh!!!11
Intelligent Guy: No dumbshit, it's bands like Orchid and Circle Takes The Square, who sound more like grindcore than the typical "Simple Plan with bad screaming" shit you kids call "screamo".
Dumb Scene Kid: duznt matta, cuz crunkcore is da fukin bom nigga!
Intelligent Guy pulls out a pistol and shoots Dumb Scene Kid, and makes the world a better place.
by GOD DOMMIT FRONK August 18, 2009
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