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A name, commonly mistaken for "Cato." Kado's usually have piercingly bright eyes, and dark hair. He has tan skin, and a pure heart. Kado's know how to treat a girl the right way, and are always very sporty. He excels in every sport imaginable, even if he has never played it before. He seems shy, but has a wild, fierce heart, full of love. Never underestimate a Kado.
"Wow.. I never realized how cute Kado was until now.."
"I've always seen it in him, his eyes are so dreamy, and he's so cute!!!"
"That's what I was thinking! Man, I'd be lucky to date Kado."
by ArbitraryChick July 06, 2016
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A gorgeous girl with a wild side. Most girls hate on her, most men hit on her.
Watch out or your boy will fall in love with her.
Referred to by underclassmen as “the goddess”
Has a sexy smile, fine ass, and piercing eyes.
Known to run house.
Is followed around by Horace.

"Kado is throwin back the shots tonight"
"She would"
by GossipGirlExeter April 14, 2009
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Hardcore gangster that keeps it real to Thug Life, and keeps it crunk 24/7
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
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