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Town in Carroll County Maryland. nothing to do. It has three things..
1. Dennys
2. Cornfields
3. Kids using alcohol/drugs.

when all 3 are used in the right combination in one night.. it's an okay town. otherwise. people really enjoy driving 45 mins to an hour to get somewhere halfway decent to do something fun.
Person 1: I hate this town.
Person 2: I can't wait to get out of eldersburg..
Person 3: I wish OC wasnt 4 hours away.
Person 4: Lets go get fucked up then go to dennys.
All: SOunds like last night... okay.
by aoslkfjdj July 04, 2006
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A growing suburb in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area situated in Carroll County. A once sparsely populated area, now has grown tremendously and has all the elements of suburban sprawl. Kids from the area are still known to party. There has also been some bands that have made a large impact in the Baltimore scene from Eldersburg of late drawing many kids the 25 miles down into the city to see them at places such as Fletchers.
Let's go to the Foretold show tonight!

Let's get wasted and jam!

Let's go to the bar?

When are they getting back to Eldersburg to get wasted?

by pleasantliving April 03, 2008
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very safe, and moderately underdeveloped. a quiet town with nothing to do there except go to denny's at indecent hours.
kid 1: hey man there's nothing to do, its midnight. everythings closed now!

kid 2: nah man, denny's is open 24 hours.

kid 1: sweet! lets go!
by akoshercherry August 01, 2005
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A small town located in Carroll County, Maryland. There isn't much to do in Eldersburg, but it is becoming a popular place. People come there because of the low crime rate and the great schools there.
Adult: We are going to move to Eldersburg, honey.
Kid: Why, Mom. There is nothing to do there.
Adult: So much has been going on here that I just want to move to somewhere that is safe.
by savannah March 30, 2005
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