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a website similar to -but also much more complex and entertaining than- this website. (the address is

eski sozluk is a turkish site. the founder of the site and almost all of the users are turkish. it has more than 5000 registered users. it can be read by everyone but only registered users may add posts. posts are not pre-moderated but "illegal" posts may be deleted by moderators (or may be informed to the moderators for deletion). the website has three frames, the top frame is used for login and controls. the narrower left frame shows titles/subjects entered recently and the wider right frame shows the contents for selected title. when logged in, one can also send or receive messages to/from other registered users (and store these), select different skins and make similar adjustments. eksi sozluk has a history of 5 years now and contains over 2,5 million entries.
by hayt huyt October 25, 2003
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Turkish version ( clone!) of The Urban Dictionary.
they even have a book under the name of " Eksi Sozluk kafadan kopartan kitabi!" means : "Eksi Sozluk Book
funniest, smartest, crunkest! " that seems like Urban Dictionary's The original copy.
Copyright Statics:

Urban Dictionary ©1999-2009

Eksi Sozluk ©1999-2009
by abuzettin imanikilli June 17, 2009
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An establishment in Turkey that caters to a predominantly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender clientele.
- Is that true to turn permanently gay because of being lonely at Eksi Sozluk?

- Alone or not, all people are gay at Eksi Sozluk.
by pearlhoney April 10, 2010
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