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Ekram is a girl who is honest with who she is, and what she feels towards herself and others, she's always trying to make someone feel better, and it may not seem like it, but she's overly sensitive and can be hurt with small things. she can seem distant at times but she's always worrying about what people think about her, overthinking everything she says. she loves passionately, even if it's not returned. she has her own way of thinking, and doesn't let people influence her.

her actions are for good reasons, even if it seems odd to other people.
Ikram arabic orgin

definition; "honorable"
by Ekram May 12, 2018
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a beautiful,HOT, great girl that you will love to meet( and if you don't bro come and i will beat your ass) she is unique, funny and ouuu Damn she is hella fine. with her around she will always make your day and you cant forget her great sense of style an all that gucci she has. Ekram is a one of a kind friend and you will love to meet her (or if you know one) don't forget dis SHE LOVES CARROTS.......sometimes it takes her a couple minutes to get a joke, DESOLEE MADDAME..
by blah blah blah May 25, 2018
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