Eiji is a very sweet boy, he has a very particular sense of humor, but everyone laughs at his jokes because he has too much carism. He is the most amazing boyfriend, he is devoted to your relationship. You have to protect him.
« I want a boyfriend like Eiji »
by YoureIncredibleMona November 21, 2021
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An innocent cinnamon roll, and the adorable boyfriend of ash lynx.
"Look at that boi next to ash lynx"
"Yeah, he's eiji okumura"
by Bigdiccenergy January 3, 2019
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Best character from Banana fish, his manga version is even better and sassier 😎
Person 1: Eiji Okumura is my favorite banana fish character!
Person 2: Omg me too!
by Swag and sissy dude July 6, 2021
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Eiji's a fuckin bitch. All he wants is to insult everyone and make their life a living hell. Apart from his love, he hurts everyone and isn't scared to get violent. His temper is very short, and goes off at anyone who bothers him.
"Did you see Eiji? I'm scared of him.."
"Eiji's such a dick."
by gonnalosemyshittt March 25, 2020
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Someone who loves red, strawberries and Kirishima (BNHA.
Eiji/Kiri ate an entire container of strawberries again. Now they're looking up Kirishima again, isn't that odd?
by Strawberry Kiri May 28, 2021
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