He is just so Egli
by Egël November 21, 2021
1. Italian third-person singular meaning "He".
2. Albanian name, variant of "Igli".
3. Balkan's Kanye
You're so Egli goddamn!
by ChampagneDaddy666 July 19, 2018
egli is dating sorphreeeee , hype beast ect.
by bdndmamd November 7, 2018
Egli is the sweetest and the cutest girl ever. She’s always here with you and loves to have fun. She is a friend you can count on and of course a cheerful queen. We all love you Egli❤️❤️
us: Guys where is Egli?
Egli: Hi I’m here!
us: EGLI !!!
by lisasickomode March 6, 2019
A Egli is a Albanien nationalist who hates Serbia and loves Kosovo
Guy - he must be a Egli

Other guy - yes
by SUUUUUUIIIIIIIII November 23, 2022