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1. Describable in words.

2. A deliberate misuse of the standard but unrelated English word "effable" as a benign alternative to "fuckable", by replacing the root "fuck" with the phonetic sound of the letter "F".
person 1: "Becky is ineffable"

person 2: "Wow, you must really like her huh?"

person 1: "No, I meant ineffable as in not fuckable"
by monsieurpooh July 29, 2011
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same intent as affable, but with fucking involved
Daniel: I'm going to stop by Don's office to see if his assistant is around.

Steve: Is she effable?

Daniel: I'd eff her in the GA!
by I_like_jack_and_coke August 27, 2008
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A word used to describe someone who is sexually attractive. Can also be used as a noun
Here come da effables, watch out yung blood

That bitch looks so effable
by YuOfTheNight January 15, 2018
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