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A profound sensual experience a human has with a ghost, spirit, or otherwise discorporeal being, usually with a powerful sexual content but often including religious or archetypal overtones.
She was visited nocturnally by the discorporate spirit of Mao and in spite of his muttering from the Red Book, was driven to ectogasm by his ethereal touch.
by Kara E. Chaffee May 13, 2007
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When you masturbate and ejaculate to a porn star or otherwise attractive woman who is deceased as of that moment in time.
"Jerry: Dude, I was jacking off to this vintage set of nudes that my Dad had, and it was totally one of the best faps ever! But then I found out one of the girls died in like 1983..."
"Brad: Hah, man, total ectogasm..."
by Yices June 09, 2014
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