You have been spanking the monkey so much that when you do eventually shoot nothing comes out at all.
Shit it must be broken or backfiring as nothing came out! thats a ghost cum
by Bedworthman December 23, 2008
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That Perplexing cum that you thought you had cleaned up after spanking the dolphin. The cum that, to your dismay, soils you boxers, pants, and sometimes shoes.
(A man pulls up pants after taking care of business) "Goddamnit, I thought I cleaned all that shit off! Now it's all in my boxers and dripping down my leg!"

It looks like he should have checked for ghost cum!
by John McCrary March 13, 2008
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When you ejaculate without an erection, & without noticing.
Boys, I just had a ghost cum while getting a lap dance. Didn't even notice until I left
by GANTO July 26, 2015
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what appers to be a cum stane by day and by night glows (ushaly the act of getting glow in the dark paint on you pant's)
What the hell is that stain? : it is ghost cum
by kaspian May 14, 2007
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