1. Used as a family name; indicates a hereditary trend towards large genitalia.
If he has the typical Ecker penis, he should have no trouble handling her.
by Big-J-Dog June 26, 2008
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The Eckering is the ruler of the Eckering clan. The Eckering is chosen at birth born for greatness 'the chosen one' is the proclaimed name of the mighty emperor. The rightful air to be Eckering will be chosen within a month after the previous Eckering has fallen to his Honorable death. The Eckering 'the chosen one' will be chosen out of all Eckering members sons born within the month....The Eckering 'the chosen one' will be chosen based purely on the length at girth of his penis.
The main features the mighty Eckering seems to always have are a one eyed, no eyed, one monobrowed, hairy monobrowed and be of Lebanese descent.
My son Georginio's going to be the eckering...i can feel it. His dicks 9 inches flaccid.

You mustn't look the eckering in the eyes....it's been told he can take your soul.

The great conqueror Eckering will be invading Germany by dawn.
by Salim Mahajer March 09, 2019
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a shade of white which is almost absolute white, named after Tom Ecker, former Olympic Track Coach who spent his entire life shielding his body from the sun.
"that guys legs are almost Ecker white"
by Lexmeister October 06, 2008
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