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Contraction of 'emo bullshit' - is usually extended to 'ebsing' and/or 'ebsed'.

Used to describe the irrational, spontaneous and extremely anti-social and negative behaviour often displayed by 'emos' and 'scene kids'. Can be extended to people outside this idiom, in which case the inferred intensity of the 'emo bullshit' can vary greatly depending on the context. Can also be applied to objects.
The kids at my party got drunk and started ebsing...they smashed one of the front windows for no reason at all!

My girlfriend ebsed last night and wouldn't tell me what the fuck was wrong.

My computer's ebsing, and won't load itunes.

I can't put up with any more of her ebs. It's her set of issues, not mine.
by NakedInTheRain August 19, 2009
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The best thing a man can do. Eat and proceed to Beat off and sleep right afterward. Proceed on a lazy day, can be performed multiply times if needed.
John : Hey where's Joe?

Jack: oh he went to his room to do an EBS.
by Wazzerola September 25, 2011
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Everything But Sex: Kissing, touching, licking, sucking, basically everywhere but home.
So yeah we EBS'd in the limo. It was pretty hot.
by runningangel May 07, 2006
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explosive bowel syndrom; when you have to shit so bad the fuckin shit flys out of your ass hole at an explosive rate sometimes causing your corn hole to burn, rip, and possably bleed
kathleen has ebs
by mooser132 September 08, 2010
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Empty Balls Syndrome- The feeling of tiredness and apathy towards your partner shortly after ejaculating.
Girl- Phil was all hot and heavy to get me into the sack, but after he came he didn't want to have anything to do with me!
Girl2- EBS is a bitch!
by apocalikik January 25, 2010
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