a punk ass bitch who gives no fucks
Person1: Did you see Eason last night?
Person2: Yeah she was dancing naked on the bar counter!
by C@llmebigdaddy August 20, 2016
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an excuse as a search warrant for the spelling nazis to find you within your own home and take you to their Literary Concentration Camps.
-usually spotted within text such as most commonly mispelled words while the grammar is taken out of oral context
Excuse me, which of the four "easons" is it now?
Oh no! Quick, go to Switzerland before they search your home! It's neutral land! You'll be safe from their Perfect & Literate World Order!
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A Hong Kong based singer who sells pork at local butcher shop. He is well known for his girlfriend Hilary Chan.
by Tim October 24, 2004
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