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All up in somebody else's business without knowin the details.
I hate those gossipin' ass bitches down the block - always ear hustling in my mix and they don't even know the flava!
by Cream Caramel Pinay July 27, 2005
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1. Earjacking Coming up on someone else's conversation. 2. Eavesdropping to learn something not intended for you.
Say, knock off that ear hustling 'fo you get knocked off!
by Devin O April 26, 2006
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When someone is overhearing another's conversation; usually intentionally
Jane, don't try ear-hustling when I talk to John about planning your suprise party!
by TeshaB October 20, 2006
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eavesdropping to gain information that you may use against someone at a later time
Why you always got to be earhustling on my conversations yo... you tell anyone what you heard and I am going to beat your ass
by D_J May 14, 2008
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