1: a boyfriend or girlfriend you met online and haven't yet met in person
2: the person you are in an online relationship with
Karly: You look really tired today, did you get any sleep last night?

James: A bit, but I was up late messaging my ebae, Jess.
by bbygrldab April 11, 2014
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Your significant other whom you meet via internet
'dude who's that chick in your screensaver you fuckin her?'
'nah man i wish, she's my ebae'
by osirister May 23, 2014
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sumbody you have an online realationship with. But more often than not its a catfish or sum old guy lurking behind his screen.
idk sum guy #1: "Hey man, look at this gurl"
sum guy #2: "oou whos that?!"
sum guy #1: "thats my E-Bae
sum guy #2: O_o
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