Dropping a deuce off the transom of a sailing yacht while underway in an effort to reduce weight on the racing vessel.
OMG! My friend just cranked the Bulgarian over the side of the yacht!
by C+C35 June 28, 2011
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The hottest and loudest people on the planet. You know you're Bulgarian when:
1) your normal volume is twice that of your other friends

2) you eat your body weight in baklava and shopska salad

3) you've been drinking beer since you were in diapers

4) headache? rakiya! knee scratch? rakiya! headache? rakiya! divorce? rakiya!

5) music videos are mostly softcore porn

6) you have to explain chalga to everyone

7) your baba will tell you to lose weight but won't let you leave the house unless you've eaten four servings of manja

8) you yell "opa!" at anything from your friends tripping up, to baking a good cake
"What are you watching, why us everyone naked and with lip fillers?!"

"I'm Bulgarian, it's just the newest pop song!"
by sophia00 August 19, 2016
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Extremely attractive, charming, intelligent person with a strong desire to reach the top.
Not to be mistaken with 'crazy bulgarian' referring to the hairy, masculine, sleazy type that couldn't pick up a prostitute.
I'm going out with that bulgarian guy tonight.

That chick is hotter than anything I have ever seen. She must be bulgarian.
by WeiSTD March 9, 2004
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I would never have believed it until I met some myself, but it is true - Bulgarian women are the hottest in the world. - most beautiful I've met anyway.
- that is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
- must be Bulgarian
by JackS112 November 23, 2006
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Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful nations of this planet.
N1: Damn son, dat bitch is fryin' like a mofoka!

N2: F'sho D, I'mma put it up insida her...

N1: Sorry to tell y'brah, but dat honey only go out wit her calibah...
by Jesus August 9, 2004
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Bulgarians are the sexiest nation known to human kind.
You know your bulgarian when your 15 year old sister can out-drink any Anerican.
by bulgarian chick August 20, 2004
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Adjective meaning lazy, blasé or casual to the extreme but in a classy or stlish way. Often used to describe someone so talented in a certain discipline that they don't take said discipline seriously - it is often obvious that they find it easy - or any action or said person. Named for the Bulgarian footballer Dimitar Berbatov
John: Man Josh is so good at tennis
Jack: Yeah, he's totally Bulgarian

James: man that pass was Bulgarian
by pseudopseudonym11111 October 9, 2008
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