1. The face of sarcasm
- represents the expression of rolling one's eyes

2. Squinting emoticon
- used to express feelings of suspicion, mild disgust (boredom), judgement, or of being fed up

Person a: "how was the date with Sam?"
Person b: "great e.e"
Person a: "that bad, huh?"
Person b: "I would rather go out with a sucker fish"

Person a: "hey, did you come to the tournament? I didn't see you there"
Person b: "yeah! I came in second"
Person a: "really? e.e"
Person b: "yeah. It was awesome"
Person a: "huh. So you and I need to share my ribbon? Don't lie dude."
by SuperCallousedFragileMystic April 21, 2015
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A chat face used for feelings like disgusted, wincing, and even sometimes a happy grin. Meant to look like a face with squinted eyes, so however and whenever you would do that. An apostrophe is sometimes used for apprehension/nervousness. (e.e')
Bob: It was gross, at lunch today Frankie ate a worm and puked a lot.

Mo: e.e; eew, that's nasty.
by Urbanizer May 5, 2006
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Squinting eyes, used to represent an eye-squint online in any situation they may be called for - suspicion, irritation, et cetera.
ex. 1) Sounds...suspicious. e.e

ex. 2) Sounds...creepy. e.e

ex. 3.) "You're an asshole." e.e
by Bingba February 17, 2010
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1.To be Un-amused
2.To be angry
Tim:Why does beyonce's song goes to left to the left? Cause Blacks have no rights!
Sheniqua: e.e asshole

My mother just gave away my turtle! What a bitch e.e
by Your mom.~* December 27, 2007
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Used if youre waiting for somebody to answer to remind them that you are waiting
me: Hey John will you come to E3?
me, 2 hours later: e.e
by dZeks October 5, 2019
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1. A poet of the early twentieth century who frequently used unconventional capitalization, spelling, and grammar within his poems.

2. Justification for any poem perpetrated by any emo kid.

1. We have to read two poems by e.e. cummings for class tomorrow.

2. aw man, e.e. cummings did it, why can't i? you're just the man trying to keep me down;;;;
by vote up April 29, 2006
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