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A Pretty Good band. Hey, For all of you who hate their rapping, I've got good news!! Their new album, Made for War, is mostly pure METAL!!! Isn't that awesome?
Me:What Sprankton said. Thank God trheir neew album has barely any rapping. Well even if they still are wiggers, that's okay, they still are an awesome band. I have hella friends who are wiggers who I make fun of.
by Jasonrulesall April 23, 2005
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Act of being a moronic jiggaboo chimp swinging on vines like the jungle taught you and looking tuff and hardcore while handling fools and eating punks for breakfast.

Self parody of the highest order.

Enbodyment of all that is gay in music.
Man check out those wiggers, they are so e-town concreting, I hope they never have offspring.
by Hate makes the world awsome August 03, 2003
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