Becoming infuriated on the internet over a video game, such as CS or Gunbound, in which the "e-rager" spams insults and flames towards a certain person or party in a repeated manner. Insults are usually followed by "gg" or "e-rage".
Random guy: Dude, you suck.
Random guy: *silent*
by Ulzimate July 27, 2006
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The type of internet-war between individuals which grows out of quickly-written emails containing statements that may be easily misunderstood or mis-taken by the recepient, and grows through retaliatory responses into massive proportions.

Since email is unable to convey facial-expressions, unable to fully-convey emotive states or the status of the writer (ie tired, sick, depressed), is not interactive face-to-face dialog, and tends to be hastily-written, these misunderstandings via email are frequently based entirely upon mis-communication rather than truthful intent.

Term coined by Louise Doncaster circa 2003.
Person #1 states how they were ripped off by a third-party. Person #2 replies, "oh well that's what you get," meaning that's what you get when you deal with people like the third-party. Person #1 misunderstands the statement to mean that they deserved to be ripped off, or that Person #2 is flipping them off about their upset feelings of being ripped-off.
by Buggy August 24, 2005
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Generally being stressed out at your computer whilst playing a game or engaging in any other online activity.
person 1:omg u dire shit cunt get some fucking rates ye
person 2: stop your e-rage you cunt
by Peter Wood April 12, 2006
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