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Adding a feature that decreases the value of a product.
A failed innovation or unwanted part.
Spoiling something overall good with an unwanted addition.
Putting chocolate on a pizza dynamaxes it.
The guy dynamaxed his girlfriend by not wearing a condom.
Ricers like to dynamax their cars with large spoilers.
Sometimes make up can dynamax a pretty girl.
by Ustillboayit October 22, 2019
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A temporary pokemon transformation triggered using the Dynamax Band during combat. It modifies a pokemon's size, stats, moves, and depending on the species, its appearance. Dynamaxing can only occur in specific areas, and lasts for three turns.
"Did you know that you can Dynamax Alcremie?"
by Akstrv September 09, 2019
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A Pokémon mechanic introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield that makes a Pokémon grow to massive proportions. Most people hate it. Others don’t.
“I was saving this for later, mate,” Jett said, rolling up his sleeve to show his Dynamax Band. “Inteleon, Dynamax!”
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