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The Fairy type Dynamax Move. Huge stars fall out of the sky and hit the target at full force.
Jett’s Gigantamax Grimmsnarl annihilated his opponent Dragonite using Max Starfall.

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A Pokémon mechanic introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield that makes a Pokémon grow to massive proportions. Most people hate it. Others don’t.
“I was saving this for later, mate,” Jett said, rolling up his sleeve to show his Dynamax Band. “Inteleon, Dynamax!”
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A bipedal lizard Pokémon that’s the final evolution of Sobble. This spy-esque Pokémon can shoot water out of its fingertips at Mach 3 speed. It can glide with the yellow membrane on its back.
Jett’s Inteleon pointed a finger and used Snipe Shot, shooting a water burst out of its finger at its opponent Corviknight and knocking it out of the sky.

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A Flying and Steel type bird Pokémon with an armored body and a Gigantamax form that lets it whip up winds stronger than ones any hurricane can muster.
Corviknight unleashes the fury of G-Max Wind Rage on its opponent Butterfree.
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A mechanic that changes both the size and the shape of a Pokémon. Only certain Pokémon are able to Gigantamax. With Gigantamaxing comes a G-Max Move that a move corresponding to its type becomes, for example Bug type moves Butterfree knows become G-Max Befuddle.
“I’ll show you the strength of my blazing spirit! Sandaconda, Gigantamax!”

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The Steel type Dynamax Move. Metallic spikes burst upward from the ground and hit the target, raising the user’s defense and their allies’ defense as well.
Alcremie took a lot of damage from Max Steelspike.

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A flying type Pokémon that is smart enough to use tools in battle. It will do things like throwing rocks at enemies or using ropes to trap them. We never seen a Pokémon do that before.
My Corvisquire just recently evolved into Corviknight.

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