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An oxymoronic Battleground clan who tends to make excuses after a match in which they have lost.
its all good, we outplayed u hardcore in that match just that map sucksass and score really means nothing when it was obvious we were outskilling you!
by omgwtfhax September 07, 2004
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A punk rock band in Dallas. The members are all young teens.
Did yall see that DV8 show last week? They are so awesome!
by Makkie March 11, 2005
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Elite clan lasting longer then any other world wide, Mostly situated in Starwars based clans, None could ever compare to the mighty dV8.
omfg dV8 is here, Fleeeeee!!!!
by Enscar May 14, 2007
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A BattleGrounds clan that hates anyone that arent assholes like them, they are hated and ridculed by their asshole attitudes, many BG clans hate them, and they also make other clans turn against friends. In short they are fags.
Gah, dv8 is in our server, lets ban em.
by N/A September 11, 2004
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