A variation of the Rusty Trombone wherein two adult males who work long hours in close proximity, generally in mill or plant work, resort sexual acts to pass time, ending their evening with a rusty trombone
After two years of 12 hour shifts Mr. Smith finally asked if R.W. Would like to go all dusty rusty with the evening.
by Wham009 February 4, 2015
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when one does a rusty rose with a chick who aint been fucked in a while.
Darryl: it took a while but i finally got jessica to put out.
Sean: didn't you say she was on her rag this week?
Darryl: ya, i pulled a dusty rusty rose.
Sean: lol! that's nasty.
by acasha March 20, 2008
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similar to the rusty rose except not only is the pussy raggin, it is also dusty from a long period of abstinance, leaving the penis crusted with nasty rag blood and a layer of dust.
bro, i hit up chantelle last night. knocked the dust off that pussaay! but she was raggin so i got a dusty rusty rose.
by optimusprimexena November 11, 2007
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A 30's Jazz dance move; the follow will hitch up a few inches of dress from the thigh and shake out the dress by flicking the dress/skirt down and up The lead can use the top of their trouser pockets, there is a slight shuffling movement forward four counts and then backwards for four.
Shake off your rusty dusty.
by Rustycables November 29, 2016
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The Rusty Dusty is accomplished by double penetration of a woman during her period. The ensuing mess in her pubococcal region is a rusty dusty color.
Jane's on the rag but willing, so let's go give her a rusty dusty.
by BlowFelt March 9, 2007
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A large YouTuber that makes reddit and Fifa videos
Rusty Dusty Nail had just uploaded
by Shreks Husband January 6, 2021
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MCRD (Short For Musty Crusty Rusty Dusty) Means Something That Is Expressing More Dirty And Unhygienic . This Slang Phrase Or Word Comes From People Who Are Part Of Funny Stuff On Social Media. MCRD Is Expected To Be Funny To Some People But The Rhymes Are The Job.
"you see this quite old innit yeah"

"of course bro its Musty Crusty Rusty Dusty"
"Hahahahhaha this joke never ends"
by Bleddy Drills January 11, 2021
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