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a true technician of a given craft. originator of an idea or concept. one who leads by birthright and not by choice
the technique displayed in his work shows that he is a true MASTER DUNGEE
by +the iponi warchief+ February 15, 2007
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an expression used to illustrate a wide range of emotions, from happy to sad. it can also describe a come up, or getting scarred. it also describes someone who is wak.
"That nigga 2-ray so dungee."
"Pee-nut wants you to tow him on the bike to the store? Dungee!!"
"Did you see Little Mikes new car? That shit is a dungee."
"All them other cities besides Miami be dungee as fuck."
by Merz February 06, 2003
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the last name of someone who is loyal and caring,no one has your back like them.They sometimes can have a very short temper and snap on you.Many people envy these people because of their popularity and knowness
you know that girl with the last name Dungee,I love her!!
by Eddy wilsmicker June 11, 2018
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